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6 Strategies To Find A Product To Sell Online

Boran Özgül
Content Marketing Specialist
A woman trying to find a product to sell online

If you want to find a product to sell online you might realize that it is a hard prospect. There are just so many products to choose from! You can sell handmade goods, digital products, arts, manufactured goods and even foodstuffs!

But sadly, not all products are created equally. Some are just better than others.

Of course, making a list of all the products you can sell would be an impossible task. There are thousands, maybe even millions of different products that are being circulated. But we can do something even better, we can teach you different strategies to find a product to sell online!

After you have found a product and found a business idea you are happy with, you can easily start your online business with ikas!

Below, you can find different strategies that will enable you to find a product to sell online.

1. Solve a problem

There are certain products that customers want, and there are certain products that customers need. It is always tricky to find out the want, but finding the need is much easier!

What you need to do first is to find a problem. This can be anything. Try to think about what a certain target audience experiences, what their problems are, and what they might need to solve them.

For example, think of what hikers might need. Do they need better, or cheaper shoes? Can you sell them hiking equipment for winter? Maybe some hiking boots with great insulation are what they need!  With this process, you can find a product to sell online in no time.

All great innovations come from the needs of consumers. Windows solved the need for more accessible, personal computers. While Apple created a new era of smartphones which were again, easier to use and more streamlined than the alternatives.

Consider the needs of those around you, find their problem, and find a product to solve that specific problem. You can go local, or global. 

a man trying to solve a problem.

2. Think about your hobbies

Do you have a specific hobby? Or something that you just really love doing? Then you might be able to find a product to sell online easily!

We have previously talked about solving the problems of others. But maybe the problem you need to solve is the problem you and the people around you have. And your passion or hobbies could be the great starting point you have been looking for!

If there is anything you are happy to do, you can easily start with the problems you have during the process of performing that activity. Maybe there is nowhere around that sells the equipment you need. Or they might be too expensive. There could even be a lack of customizable equipment. List what you would have liked to have, or what could make your hobby even more convenient. Then, think about how you could provide it to yourself, and others that need the same thing. 

Selling something you are passionate about is also great to increase your motivation for your job. You might not be performing your passion for money, but at least you are doing something related to it! And the people you will be working with will also be passionate about it, so your community will also have a common interest with you.

3. Consider your experience

Sometimes the best products to sell are the ones you are experienced with. Consider your work history, your education, or your hobbies, and list the products that you know very well. Having some experience with the field or the product itself could provide you with the competitive edge you need. 

Being knowledgeable about the products you sell is a great boon. First of all, it increases the trust your customers have with you. Everybody likes to shop from the people who are experienced with the products. 

Leveraging your experience could be great for professional goods. For example, if you have worked as a chef for years, you would be better at choosing professional kitchen equipment. So you would know what to sell, and what not to sell. Your customers will also feel better shopping from someone who knows their equipment. 

find a product to sell online , two people talking near a board.

4. Search keywords

Searching for keywords with different keyword tools is one of the best ways to see what people are looking for!

When shopping for a certain product, most people will start their search on the web. The majority of shoppers will compare the prices of goods online even while in a brick-and-mortar store. So the volume certain searches have will indicate the demand for that product.

You can use Google Keyword Planner or similar tools to determine the search traffic of certain keywords. Start by the name of the product in your mind, and then narrow it down by adding the specific features.

5. Find hobbyists

There are tons of hobbies out there, and a lot of them require specialized equipment. Better yet, most hobbyists enjoy spending the money on the items they want!! Aiming for niche hobbies could even open up a very low competition market to you.

Consider the niche hobbies you or those around you are interested in. Then, determine the ones that require some extra equipment or products to be performed. The best way to learn what hobbyists need is to find their specific forums, message boards, Facebook pages, and Reddit boards. Then, you can just read the posts to see what they want to buy!

how to find a product to sell online, two hobbyists.

6. Try out your talents

Do you have any talents or skills that will enable you to create something by yourself? This can be anything from handmade accessories to digital art! If so, why not use your talent to make your products to sell!

The list of goods you can make is huge! You can create handcrafted products from scratch, or you can take a manufactured product and customize it! Or you can make artworks, even digital ones! 

Creating your products will give you a lot of control over what you sell. But they are also harder to scale, as each specific product will need you to spend time on it.

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